[Mailman-Users] Virtual Email Hosting with Mailman

Vernors vernors at adsight.com
Tue Jan 25 16:12:04 CET 2000

We have a situation where our main co-lo server (running RH Linux 6.1) runs 
mailman for our primary website (tenant.net). We want to set up mailman for 
another one of our web sites (hellskitchen.net -- that resides on a 
different server in a different location - a virtual website residing on 
adsight.com, running FBSD). We decided to keep the hellskitchen on its web 
server, but move its mail operations over to our tenant.net server.

We changed the hellskitchen MX record to point to tenant.net, changed 
sendmail.cw, virtusertable, genericstable and aliases to reflect this 
change. We now receive Hellskitchen email on the TenantNet server and use 
TenantNet's sendmail to send outgoing mail. Seems to work OK. We also 
created a user "kitchen" to receive the hellskitchen.net email and used 
CHFN to help the mail client.

Seems to work OK. Except for the headers that reflect the TenantNet 
origination, the mail appears to come from and goes to hellskitchen.net.

So we set up a HKtest list (we were root when we used newlist), inserted 
new aliases and added the new aliases to the virtusertable (this was 
necessary and not really documented well).

The problem now appears to be that in setting up a new list, mailman wants 
to set up the various web URLs to point to tenant.net.

http://tenant.net/mailman/admin/hktest (this is OK as it's internal)

So here's the problem. The "new list" mail originally gave us:


Once we changed "Host name this list prefers" to hellskitchen.net and
"Base URL for Mailman web interface" to http://hellskitchen.net/mailman/

we then got the following:

The Welcome message came from hktest-admin at hellskitchen.net
HKtest-request at hellskitchen.net
hktest at hellskitchen.net (for posting)

All the mail addresses seem to work OK, but the web pages do not exist on 
the hellskitchen.net server -- where I would like to have users access the 
various pages.

Trying a kludge, I created 
which is a small file pulling in the correct file in a larger frame.

    <title>HKtest Info Page</title></head>
    <frameset rows="10,*" border="0">
    <frame src="header.html" name="header" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" 
    <frame src="http://tenant.net/mailman/listinfo/hktest" name="content" 
    marginheight="0" scrolling="yes">

It's not elegant, but it works OK for listinfo and for admin. I suppose it 
would also work for pipermail.

But I can't figure out how to make it work for user config pages.
Any thoughts on this dillema? Is there a more simple and elegant solution 
than a frame pull-in?

Your feedback is appreciated.

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