[Mailman-Users] Virtual Email Hosting with Mailman

Vernors vernors at adsight.com
Wed Jan 26 05:33:21 CET 2000

As a followup to my earlier post, this is turning into a virtual nightmare!

With some sage advice from a fellow list-member and a bit of research I 
discovered I could add a redirect command in my .htaccess, so users coming 
to the web site to config their accounts would be redirected to the server 
where the list is managed. No need to mess with directories and frames to 
pull in the page. The only drawback was that the redirect would end up 
displaying the server's URL in the browser instead of the website's URL. 
Not great, but I could live with that.

So going to the website (hellskitchen.net) for the listinfo page would be 
immediately redirected to the server (tenant.net) and the page comes up. 
The user config pages also would come up.

But there's a problem. In General Options I had indicated the hostname and 
base URL as hellskitchen.net. And the pages correctly displayed that. But a 
user (having been redirected) that fills out a form and submits it will get 
nothing -- because the html form data on those pages points back to 
hellskitchen.net! But nothing exists there!@^&#$.

It's a recursive Kafkeske nightmare!

So to make it work I had to set the base URL back to the server 
(tenant.net). Works great, but all the pages and links are back on the 
server, not the web page. It's for naught. Because of it's use of web pages 
(which is beneficial in certain respects), Mailman may not be well-suited 
for virtual email hosting.

I certainly hope someone can show me I've made the wrong conclusion.

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