[Mailman-Users] b3 password reminder wierdness? v1.1 too?

blurr at txraves.org blurr at txraves.org
Mon Jul 3 04:22:12 CEST 2000

i think the same thing is happening on my setup too.  i'm 
running ver 1.1 though.

every month a handfull of password reminders bounce back 
to mailman-owner at txraves.org because the user is over their 
quota or their account no longer exists, etc.

every single bounced email has this in its header:

List-Id: Goa/Psychedelic trance in the southern US <sgoa.txraves.org>

i looked at the memberships for that list and so far none of the ppl
are subscribed to it.  theres 12 lists on the box now and i'm guessing
i would have to check out each list to find which ones these bouncing 
addys are sub'd too.  is there a quick way to find out which lists
an address is sub'd to?

also, this might have been covered already and i apologize if it 
has but, why do the reminders have a List-Id: in the header if the 
reminder is for all the lists on that server?

thanks, and btw, mailman ROCKS! :)

] jordan
] blurr at txraves.org
] http://www.txraves.org/

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Subject: [Mailman-Users] b3 password reminder wierdness?

> I've come across some wierdness with beta3 and the monthly password
> reminders. 
> It seems the SMTP envelopes and some of the headers don't relate to
> the list or lists that subscribers are being reminded about...
> e.g. at home, I have a list called "sandpit" which this month's
> password reminders have _all_ got as their SMTP envelopes, even people
> who aren't on that list got the List-Id: set as that list's details...
> Should this be the case?
> Regards, Matthew
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