[Mailman-Users] b3 password reminder wierdness?

Chuq Von Rospach chuqui at plaidworks.com
Wed Jul 5 06:50:37 CEST 2000

>I've just had another mailman reminder turn up from a list server who
>appear to have converted in the last month...
>The "From:" line was correct, containing "mailman-owner@"
>The SMTP envelope contained "mm-test-admin@"
>Surely this should be "mailman-owner" too?

Just had a chance to look at this...

this header is correct.

From: mailman-owner at newboy.plaidworks.com

These headers are arguably incorrect, because they refer to a list, 
not the server. Since we aren't sending this out from a list, 
attaching them to a list is incorrect. Or, it *might* be correct if 
the user is subscribed to a single list, but it's really not what 
ought to happen in the general case.

Return-Path: <test-admin at newboy.plaidworks.com>
Sender: test-admin at newboy.plaidworks.com
Errors-To: test-admin at newboy.plaidworks.com
X-BeenThere: test at newboy.plaidworks.com
List-Id: this is a test. This is only a test. <test.newboy.plaidworks.com>

Instead, I recommend:

Return-Path: <mailman-owner at newboy.plaidworks.com>
Sender: mailman-owner at newboy.plaidworks.com
Errors-To: mailman-owner at newboy.plaidworks.com
X-BeenThere: mailman at newboy.plaidworks.com
List-Id: <newboy.plaidworks.com>

On the other hand, this probably breaks bounce processing (although 
I'm not sure if this message is properly handled by bounce 
processing, anyway. But this monthly reminder can be a key way ot 
cleaning up mail lists without VERP if it's used properly...)

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