[Mailman-Users] Fixing Mailman after Upgrading Linux

Dovey J, Mr pjcd at maties.sun.ac.za
Wed Jul 5 09:23:32 CEST 2000

Hi Jim,

Thanx for the fast reply.. 
Turns out I just needed to wait for qrunner to happen...
> Is the mail being delivered to mailman according to the sendmail logs?
> Is mail piling up in Mailman's queue directory?  (double 
> check the cron
> jobs for mailman)

> > The other problem is that the urls /mailman/admin and 
> /mailman/listinfo
> > are also not working, even though they did before. This is the next
> > problem... 
> You should double check that you have added the appropriate 
> script aliases
> in your (new) Apache httpd.conf configuration.

This was the first thing that I checked.. and the old httpd.conf file is
still there.. The upgrade left it intact.. 


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