[Mailman-Users] Translations

Paulo Schreiner paulo at bewnet.com.br
Wed Jul 5 18:10:08 CEST 2000

>    Er, in fact, there are several! :-)
>    Here at UnB we have at least too partial translations, and I received
>    from this list pointers to other two. And there is the "International"
>    version as well. Sorry that I haven't got the pointers here, but could
>    forward them to you tomorrow.

I'd be glad if you do so!
The thing that interests me most is the way the translation is done, i guess
there's some version of gettext for Python, that can be used to great something
like .po files.
If i has some pointers to this, it would be easy to complete/merge the already
existing translations.

Paulo Schreiner

>    Leonardo
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