[Mailman-Users] Message duplication in beta4 when local SMTP server giver 451

Matthew Frost matthewf at orac.frost.net
Mon Jul 10 11:51:46 CEST 2000

On Tue, Jul 04, 2000 at 06:10:11PM +0100, Matthew Frost wrote:
> I've just experienced the following:
> I have a list of 4 members.
> 1 of the member's email addresses gave a 451 response when Mailman
> connected to the local SMTP server (for various reasons).
> Every qrun was then sending mail to _all_ the list members (resulting
> in duplicate messages), until I fixed the 451 error at which point it
> stopped.  
> I did note that there were 2 sets of .msg and .db files in the q
> directory at this time.
> Any ideas? or is this a bug?

Looks like a bug still in beta4

> I _did_ have another issue at this point where mailman would not
> create the files in database/ so it _could_ have been that triggering
> the repetition (I've not worked out what was causing that one yet).

This one appears to have been fixed in beta4 but I can still reproduce
the above bug:

o Create a list with myself and an alias that the local smtp server
gives a "451" response to.
o Send a message to the list
o I get a copy of the message once a minute (there are 2 pairs of
.db/.msg files in the qfiles directory at this point)

Once I delete the aliase that gives "451" or allow it to be delivered
the repeated messages stop and the qfiles files are deleted.

Regards, Matthew

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