[Mailman-Users] Appending User's Email Address to Footer

Neil Cooler ncooler at nandomedia.com
Mon Jul 10 20:09:20 CEST 2000

I am trying to append the user's email address to the bottom of each
email, as shown below:

You are subscribed to <listname> as <emailaddress at domain.com>.

I looked at the documentation on the "Details" page of the Non-Digest
Section of the admin interface, and it says the following:


msg_footer (nondigest): Footer added to mail sent to regular list

Text appended to the bottom of every immediately-delivery message. 

This text can include %(field)s format strings which are resolved
against the list's attribute dictionary (__dict__). Some useful fields

       The "pretty" name of the list, with capitalization. 
       The name by which the list is identified in URLs, where case is
       The domain-qualified host name where the list server runs. 
       The mailman root URL to which, eg, 'listinfo/%(_internal_name)s
can be appended to yield the listinfo page for the list. 
       The brief description of the list. 
       The less brief list description. 

And tried finding the attribute dictionary, both in the documentation
and in the code, to no avail.

I ended up browsing through the code until i found the string %(email)s
in the templates/verify.txt file, as well as others.  This seems to work
fine in  these files, but not in the footer.  

What do I need to do to add this to the footer, or allow this string to
work in the footer??

This is a feature that most other list servers have, how do I do it in

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