[Mailman-Users] Upgrading to 2.0beta4

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at beopen.com
Mon Jul 10 20:56:06 CEST 2000

>>>>> "NS" == Nathan Stratton <nathan at robotics.net> writes:

    NS> I just upgraded to 2.0beta 4 from 1.1 and broke
    NS> something. When I send messages to the list I don't get any
    NS> errors, but nothing is set out to users. I notice that this
    NS> version has a qfiles directory that the last mailman did not
    NS> have. When I looked in that directory I noticed a lot of posts
    NS> I sent that never actually posted to the list.

    NS> How do I fix this?

You need to load the new cron/crontab.in file so that qrunner will run
every minute.


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