[Mailman-Users] Appending User's Email Address to Footer

Villalovos, John L john.l.villalovos at intel.com
Tue Jul 11 19:08:21 CEST 2000

In my quick look at the code in Mailman 2.0beta2 it did not appear that the
SMTP_MAX_RCPTS is used anywhere.  I did this by just doing a recursive grep.
Maybe this is a future feature or one that has been added into a newer
version of Mailman.  My copy has the variable in the Defaults file but I
couldn't find it anywhere else.


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On Mon, Jul 10, 2000 at 02:38:42PM -0700, Villalovos, John L wrote:
> Myself I hacked the Mailman/Handlers/Sendmail.py module so that it would
> create a separate Sendmail job for each message to each user.  This was
> because I was having problems with email taking hours to process and it

I think you could have done same without any hacks with the option 
SMTP_MAX_RCPTS set to 1 in mm_cfg.py and DELIVERY_MODULE = 'SMTPDirect'.


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