[Mailman-Users] trouble while trying to approve a message

Trevor Johnson trevor at jpj.net
Wed Jul 12 10:14:00 CEST 2000

> I believe this problem with 2.0beta3 has been fixed in beta4.

Thank you--I looked at the Mailman/Version.py in my copy of the sources
which I'd updated Tuesday, and it said

	VERSION = "2.0beta3"

Just a few minutes after getting your message, I checked out a fresh copy
of the sources into an empty directory, and it still said the same thing.  
All the code seems to be the same too.  The most recent files seem to be
from June, but on the mailman-checkins list I've noticed changes through

I had been doing "cvs update -d" in mailman/ but what I did after getting
your message was

	CVSROOT=:pserver:mailmancvs at cvs.python.org:/projects/cvsroot cvs co mailman

Looking on www.list.org I see that 2.0beta4 is offered at
http://www.list.org/mailman.tar.gz .  I wonder what I'm doing wrong when I
try to get the CVS sources.  I assumed they were the latest.
Trevor Johnson

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