[Mailman-Users] Mailman and Cookies

Pablo Alsina palsina at chasque.net
Wed Jul 12 18:27:28 CEST 2000

	I have a 2.0b2 mailman server with several list, some of them
quite big and its working very good. The only problem that remains is with
the administration of the lists. I cant have their owners to administer
the lists because of some sort of problem with authentication.

	I have been reading this list for a while and have seen a lot of
messages about this but no one resolved the problem, just proposed

	I administer the lists using NS on Linux and it works, even NS
over Windows seems to work, but I cant get IE to work. Using IE with all
possible cookies settings, after the logon screen I get to the admin
screen but each time I press submit I get back to the logon screen, and
any change I made on the admin screen gets lost.

	I also tried to make the IE ask before accepting any cookie and it
looks like it never gets it. But under NS (or even lynx) the cookie is
sent to the browser.

	I think there may be some kind of missconfiguration on my side, I
dont belive all mailman users around the world is having this kind of
trouble, but I also see that a lot of users is going into this, so some
kind of solution should be proposed.

	I'm willing to help. If some developer wants to try it out, I can
set up a list just for him. Any suggestion will be useful.

Thanks for your help.

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