[Mailman-Users] Mhonarc+Mailman Problems

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at west.sun.com
Fri Jul 14 21:53:57 CEST 2000

> this is what I have in mm_cfg.py
> PUBLIC_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER  = "/home/software/mailman/ext-archiver
> %(listname)s"
> """
> PRIVATE_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER = "/home/software/mailman/ext-archiver
> %(listname)s"
> """

Sorry I wasn't thinking right; I ignored these """, but Nick says they're
the answer.  And of course they are (sound of smacking head).

Just to point out why:  """<string>""" is a comment in
Python.  So this had the effect of *not* setting PRIVATE_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER,
as the setting was commented out.

(Nick, I also think the carriage return between "ext-archiver" and "%(listname)s" 
is needless and somewhat confusing.)

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