[Mailman-Users] no publicly-advertised mailman mailing lists

Olav at OKvittem.priv.no Olav at OKvittem.priv.no
Sat Jul 15 14:27:15 CEST 2000

When I access the http://freidig.idrett.no/mailman/listinfo/
I get an errormessage : 'no publicly-advertised mailman mailing lists'.

If I use direct access I can see the list content and the archives.

The option  Advertise i Options is set to Yes in the lists.
The mailman/admin/ url shows the lists.

What could I do to make listinfo work ?

I run the ssript 'bin/update -h' by accident 
- could that have done something bad ? 
Make install did not make any difference.

regards Olav

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