[Mailman-Users] mailman and shared spool system

Trevor Johnson trevor at jpj.net
Sat Jul 15 21:11:14 CEST 2000

> I have a problem concerning mailman running on a shared spool system. I
> have a dedicated mailserver which exports is var/spool/mail to all other
> computers in the net, while the webserver is running on a different
> machine. So when people try to confirm or post to a list the adress of the
> web-server is used, on which no sendmail daemon is listening due to the
> imported spool. This means that those mail will not arrive at all.
> I hope that maybe someone here has a solution for this problem.

At http://www.transproxy.nlc.net.au/ there's something called Transproxy.  
It runs on FreeBSD or Linux and passes HTTP requests to a port that you
specify on another host.  If you ran Transproxy on your mail server, and
convinced an HTTP daemon on your Web server that it was really running on
your mail server, it might appear as though both the HTTP and SMTP servers
are on the same machine.
Trevor Johnson

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