[Mailman-Users] Locking issue, Mailman 2.0b4

John MacKenzie jmackenzie at local.ie
Tue Jul 18 12:50:04 CEST 2000

I'm still Experiencing that locking issue,  below is a listing or the lockfiles
present  beforer I did an rm -f irish-emigrant* so i could access the list
admin pages.

Anyone come up with a solution yet ?

- John

<site>.lock  irish-emigrant.lock.localweb.local.ie.4535  l.lock     
l.lock.localweb.local.ie.25619 apology.archiver.lock 
irish-emigrant.lock.localweb.local.ie.4557  l.lock.localweb.local.ie.13572 
l.lock.localweb.local.ie.3952 irish-emigrant.lock   
irish-emigrant.lock.localweb.local.ie.4562  l.lock.localweb.local.ie.14264 
l.lock.localweb.local.ie.3955     -- 

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