[Mailman-Users] can not confirm the mail list

John MacKenzie john at xnet.org
Thu Jul 20 12:24:09 CEST 2000

Hi annie, 

It sound like the issue could be one of two possibilities, 

Firstly..... Have you Added the information that the list creator gives you
into the aliases file? 
for example the entry which looks like :
updates:                 "| /home/mailman/mail/wrapper post updates"
updates-admin:           "| /home/mailman/mail/wrapper mailowner updates"
updates-request:         "| /home/mailman/mail/wrapper mailcmd updates"
owner-updates:           updates-admin
updates-owner:           updates-admin      

Secondly, if you have entered the information that it gave... did you remember
to run "newaliases" after doing so?

Hope that helps

Kind Regards

- John

> I am the new user of mailman list. after I create a test list  and
> used one account to register the list,  confirm the registration.
> it shows that : user unknown.  the system I used is :
> FreeBSD3.2 
> sendmail8.8
>  gcc 2.95
> python1.5.2
> Shall I get some help from anyone? thanks very much!
> Rgds,
> Annie

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