[Mailman-Users] problems with more then 16000 users

Oliver Schneider o.schneider at freeware.de
Thu Jul 20 17:41:07 CEST 2000

>Oliver Schneider wrote:
>> Hi,
>> has mailman a problem with more then 16000 users. I made a mass
>> subscribe from 14000 to 16346 and since this time it is not possible to
>> subscribe anmore. Of course I thought about the 16384 mark. Anybody had
>> the same problem and maybee solved it?
>Is this SPAM?

Oops because of the 2000?
i guess for spam bulkmail is better (ask a spammer)!

People can subscribe, and no other way to get on this list. Have a look
at http://www.freeware.de/software/flying_news.shtml. Because of
problems with the old mailing software, server changing and not enough
manpower I had manual to take the adresses of 2000 subscribes and I
guess 300 unsubcribes. Of course I need then to work with add_member and
remove_ member. I think it were mails from 4-6 months

Okay maybee one sentence to less from me

Anyway cheers 

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