[Mailman-Users] problems with more then 16000 users

Oliver Schneider o.schneider at freeware.de
Thu Jul 20 20:00:21 CEST 2000


kind of flame here but no solution :).

>But that isn't a reason to dump it on everyone else around you. 
>Sorry, but there's sensitive, and there's over-sensitive.
yes indeed one reason for mailman, the webfrontend is easy to use
for my boss and save enough for me.

>>16,000 members is a big list.
Indeed such a newsletter with sendmail ist really a problem

>No, it's not. And in the view of what spammers do, it's too small to 
>waste time on for them.
Yes and my problem is not to add members with a mass_subscribe, new
members cannot subscribe per e-mail! (no spammer has such a problem!)


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