[Mailman-Users] problems with more then 16000 users

Oliver Schneider o.schneider at freeware.de
Fri Jul 21 00:16:17 CEST 2000

>>The web interface for adding members is known to be not so generous
>>(if only due to web request timeout considerations).
>yeah, it needs to be updated to send multiple page updates with a 
>status update to get around that... One of these days...

yes? fine - i used a quick and dirty script every 2 sec it turns date 1
sec back :). Fro one time a month it's okay.

Okay anyway I guess my problem is not clear. I installed mailman with
12000 subscribed members. My boss was to lazy to change the
webinterface (that is his job), by the way a simple mailto tag. So I
had manually to add first 2000 new members, and months later again 2000
, together 16346. Till 14k everything worked fine. I mean subscribe and
unsubscribe with an email. No problems except the webinterface, but okay
quick and dirty works also. After I increased from 14k to 16346 right
now. It is no longer possible to subscribe/unsubscribe per email. 
I posted already the error (first mail in this flame). Is this problem
known, solved or even unknown, or there is my mistake? 

So this list no spam, maybe not necessary but NO SPAM! :) 


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