[Mailman-Users] Exim, Mailman and virtual domains

Jerry Allen jallen at daphnis.com
Fri Jul 21 23:45:43 CEST 2000

Does anyone see a particular flaw in this outline?
I have the need to put mailman (or anything) up on
a machine with 150+ domains running on it and would
like to be able to have virtual domains have their
own list-serv capabilities.

Exim - Mailman - Virtual Domain Configuration

Exim With Virtual Domain Support using GNU-POP3d 
 See the GNU-POP3d docs to get this setup and installed. 
Exim With Address pipes enabled for virtual aliases. 
 See the Exim docs, you need them. 
Past here is pure speculation...

Mailman With Virtual Domain Support 
Install mailman per the mailman instructions for each
domain using the web tree of the target domain /mailman
as the home directory for the Mailman installation.
Specify the domain to be installed on in mailman's .configure by
executing configure like: 

BTW: This does work
FQDN="domain.com" URL="www.domain.com/mailman" \
./configure \
--prefix=/webtree/domain/mailman \
--with-mail-gid=mail \
--with-cgi-gid=nobody \
Virtual Lists 
Virtual lists are added by using the mailman account,
change dir to the virtual domains
mailman directory and exec bin/newlist. 
Virtual list aliases are added to the virtual domains
aliases file in  /etc/virtual/domain.name/aliases.
This allows messages to be delivered to:
list1 at domain.com list1 at domain2.com etc, there will not be a
problem with list confusion as the pipe aliases point to
complete separate installations of Mailman, which have completely
independent configurations. Could this overload a busy system?
My guess is YES however for a domain hosting box with 150+
domains this is the only feasible way of getting each domain
a workable list-serv for their private domain that I have been able
to work out. SUggestions?
Now we could create a web based wrapper for newlist that stuffs
the aliases into the correct virtual domains alias files...

Mailman crontabs 
The individual virtual mailman installations will need to have their
own set of cron jobs, use your imagination on this, the individual cron
setups that are generated for each virtual mailman installation can be
modified, made executable and placed into a directory in mailman's
home directory and a single cron job added for the mailman account that
walks through each one of these modified files, at the
configured intervals... 

Continue? ..........



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