[Mailman-Users] broadcast-type lists

Harold Paulson haroldp at sierraweb.com
Sat Jul 22 00:44:05 CEST 2000

>The real answer is to allow private templates files per-list.
>Let me see what I can figure out.

Yes that sounds perfect.

This is way beyond the scope of what we are talking about but...

Are you familiar with phpMyAdmin?  A similar architecture seems 
perfect for something like Mailman.  If not, here is a quick 

phpMyAdmin is a web interface for MySQL, written in PHP.  Install it 
to /www/phpMyAdmin (where /www is your web root obviously) then add 
an "Alias /phpmyadmin /www/phpMyAdmin" to apache.conf.  Pretty 
standard stuff.  Well the magic comes when you add a user to MySQL 
who can view (and only view) the "mysql" table - where access 
permissions are kept.  Then you can add similar "Alias"s to any 
vhost, and when phpMyAdmin prompts for U&P, it shows them any 
databases to which they have access.

Sorry, that was probably hard to follow if you don't do databases. 
The upshot is that each vhost can have a /phpmyadmin Alias that lets 
them see and admin their own DBs, and only their DBs, yet there is 
only one set of phpMyAdmin files.  A /mailman equivalent would be 
yummy, and seems doable.  Just add a config file that says what lists 
belong to what vhost...or somesuch

	- H

>Harold Paulson wrote:
>>  Dan,
>>  'subscribeack.txt' was indeed where I started.  Editing that would be
>>  no problem, but I am planning on running multiple (many) lists on the
>>  same box.  If I edit that file, I am editing it for all those lists,
>>  which doesn't quite work.  For instance, I'd like to remove the "To
>>  post to this list" bit for my first list, but I may want to use
>>  Mailman for discussion-type lists in the future.
>>  Mailman, as you know, provides a manager interface to create a custom
>>  auto-reply message. Unfortunately, that one does not recognize the
>>  %(password)s token.  That is what led me to go mucking through
>>  source...
>>  Any ideas?
>>          - H
>>  >Harold Paulson wrote:
>>  >>
>>  >>  Hi,
>>  >>
>>  >>  I'm quickly learning how important email is to web development.  I
>>  >>  have quite a few clients interested in broadcast-type email lists.
>>  >>  The "Keep me informed about your Widgets" type of email lists (NO
>>  >>  SPAM).  Is mailman suitable for this?
>>  >
>>  >Should be, yes.  See Chris Kolar's documentation on the two magic
>>  >"privacy" fields (you can find a pointer to it on the main page
>>  >at www.list.org)
>>  >
>>  >>  I have been trying to build a configuration to test this out, but I
>>  >>  have run into a few snags.  I'd like to replace the standard "You are
>>  >>  subscribed" email message with a custom one, but I can't get it to
>>  >>  send the user's password.  I spent a few hours digging through source
>>  >>  trying to enable a %(password)s option, but I can't Python my way out
>>  >>  of a wet paper bag.
>>  >
>>  >I've edited templates/subscribeack.txt and it works.  It's unfortunately
>>  >global for all lists on the server, but it's got a number of custom fields,
>>  >so that works out.  One of them is certainly %(password)s, and it
>>  >surely works.
>>  >
>>  >What have you been trying that doesn't work, and how doesn't it work?
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