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Michael Sheldon msheldon at desertraven.com
Sat Jul 22 22:18:50 CEST 2000

Hmm, what I'd really like is to have a per-list option to "un-mime" the
messages going through the list. Most lists don't want attachments and such
anyway, and this would cut down on virus, worm and trojan issues. One list
I'm susbscribed to does this, but I don't know what they're running.

Michael J. Sheldon
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Is anybody working on modifying pipermail to unmime the messages
intelligently? I know that we can hook up MHonArc instead of
pipermail, but I would like to use pipermail itself.

I also notice that pipermail is no longer maintained by its author.
If there is no hope of updating pipermail with MIME capabilities, I
will try to use MHonArc :-(.

Does anybody know the current thinking on this subject?


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