[Mailman-Users] can I edit the welcome letter?

Debi Turner debi at neteffect.ca
Tue Jul 25 19:50:35 CEST 2000

ok here's the scoop -- I inherited this mailing list (not yet completed)
when someone at work left -- I am a COMPLETE AND TOTAL NEWBIE -- and have
only been doing html stuff since September'99 --

I have absolutely no programming experience

that's just a bit of background so you can either continue reading and
hopefully helping -- or you can just skip the rest if you're not so

I've been mucking around with this and we want to start our present mailing
list on mailman because it does the archive thing.  BUT we don't want the
mailing list to get confused about a new list, etc. (basically we want the
transition to be invisible)

The welcome message that is generated is a bit "too much information" for
our liking

any ideas

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