[Mailman-Users] longest explanation of my problem

Vladislav Konečný vladislav.konecny at web.markiza.sk
Wed Jul 26 12:55:30 CEST 2000

I use mailman for 4 lists, in anyone is about 20 users. I had configured
bounce options to "Disable and notify me". Now, second time in two weeks
became a problem that for some unknown reason brand all users in lists as
with bad e-mail address and ignore them.
in smtp log is:
Jul 26 12:48:02 2000 (22626) All recipients refused: host not found
Jul 26 12:48:02 2000 (22626) smtp for 15 recips, completed in 0.007 seconds

and in smtp-failure log is:
Jul 26 12:49:02 2000 (22678) -1 vladislav.konecny at web.markiza.sk (ignore)
... (for all users in lists)

and qrunner runs once per minute...

Any idea to remove (ignore) brand from users in lists manualy??

=@= vladislav.konecny at web.markiza.sk

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