[Mailman-Users] Q. finding users passwords and Administrivia filter

John Castillo john at checkout.com
Fri Jun 2 00:54:51 CEST 2000

dear list:

i'm currently evaluating Mailman to support large announce style lists.  looks nice.  unfortunately, the unsub process seems to REQUIRE a users password which in my opinion is limiting.

i've scoured through the mailing list and found others with a similar problem.  the only workaround i thought i could come up with was a post by Dan Mick...

"You can look up the password from the Python database with a small
modification to bin/withlist; if you need me to dig out my hack
to do that, I can."

please do!  i might be able to write something that would bypass the need to submit a password with a unsub request.  

the SECOND question is, concerning (Administrivia filter) which says...  
"Check postings and intercept ones that seem to be administrative requests? (Details)"
I have this set to yes, however if i email my list at checkout.com with unsubscribe in the body it fails to return any sort of unsub information.  is this because i still need to supply a users password, which they DO NOT KNOW, for this feature to work?

john castillo
sys admin
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