[Mailman-Users] Re: Feature Request -- Again

David Champion dgc at uchicago.edu
Sat Jun 3 01:35:46 CEST 2000

On 2000.06.02, in <20000602123350.A20031 at ip215-176.the-beach.net>,
	"cblist at cityb.net" <cblist at cityb.net> wrote:
> Just to clear up a misconception... there _are_ "powerful, efficent,
> text-only" options in mailman... in fact, some significant functionality is
> _only_ available from the command line.
> ...

Once again: this is fine if your list admins all have command-line
access to the server and know python, but the list software's demanding
those prerequisites is absurd.

Paul (and others) -- BOFH tactics are fun, but hardly productive, and
certainly not worth the saved time.  I congratulate you on not working
in an environment where this is obvious.

 -D.	dgc at uchicago.edu	NSIT	University of Chicago

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