[Mailman-Users] Example system specs

alex wetmore alex at phred.org
Mon Jun 5 18:31:29 CEST 2000

From: "Mike Richardson" <doctor at kira.mcc.ac.uk>
> We're currently testing mailman in parallel with majordomo on a
> P90 with 64Mb. Web page updates are a touch slow to say the least and
> mail deliveries take about 30s (1-2s with majordomo).
> (FreeBSD, with Mailman1.1)

I don't think this is normal, and my machine is very similar to your
own.  It is running FreeBSD 2.2.2 (will be 4.0 once I get off of my butt
and do the upgrade).

> 2) Can someone let me have example specs of their Mailman machine
> please? (CPU and speed, memory, disk space and type, no of lists and
> an idea of number of lists/period)

64megs EDO
2*2g Seagate SCSI disks.  The ~mailman disk is an old Hawk.  The primary
system (and sendmail queue disc is a Barracuda).
6 lists, largest has 700 members.  I seem to get delivery within about
10 seconds on this list.  None of my users have complained about slow

I am currently using Windows NT SMTP server (on another machine) as my
outbound MTA, although I used sendmail for a long time with similar
results.  My incoming MTA is sendmail.  My webserver is apache.


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