[Mailman-Users] moved list to new server but still being routed through old server

Brett Dikeman brett at iclick.com
Mon Jun 5 18:36:53 CEST 2000

as the subject line says.

Mailman has been completely disabled on the old system; after moving 
the server's mailman directory, I logged in via the web interface and 
changed the preferred system name.

All web links on the user, admin, and archive pages now work 
properly, indicating it recognizes the proper system name.

I suspect that the problem is that somewhere, in the MTA part of 
Mailman(didn't I read something about 2.0b having its own MTA?) is a 
hardcoded system name causing all mail to get bounced off the old 

Suggestions are more than welcome, but no, I don't want to reinstall 
Mailman, so please don't suggest it unless that's the -only- way. 
Reinstallation is a brute force way of fixing the problem.

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