[Mailman-Users] temp files collecting

Brett Dikeman brett at iclick.com
Mon Jun 5 21:06:18 CEST 2000

I have several hundred temp files hanging around in 

A small sampling:
config.db.tmp.12892   config.db.tmp.16411  config.db.tmp.20101 
config.db.tmp.24511  config.db.tmp.29398  config.db.tmp.4622 
config.db.tmp.12893   config.db.tmp.16414  config.db.tmp.20103 
config.db.tmp.24525  config.db.tmp.29405  config.db.tmp.4633 
config.db.tmp.12901   config.db.tmp.16427  config.db.tmp.20124 
config.db.tmp.24533  config.db.tmp.29424  config.db.tmp.4651 

The numbers aren't 1,2,3,4,5,6...they're more like 1, 4, 
5,6,9,12...random spaces.  Seems like mailman is not cleaning up the 
temp files.  Most are owned by mailman, but some are owned by 
"nobody"(not many.)

Is it safe to remove them?  I assume so.

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