[Mailman-Users] server not using SMTPDirect, not splitting envelope, long delivery times

Brett Dikeman brett at iclick.com
Tue Jun 6 01:13:17 CEST 2000


ever since upgrading to v2.0, mailman has, as far as I can tell:

-delivered all mail through a single sendmail process(single envelope.)
-taken 15-45 minutes to complete distribution to 110 addresses in 
what used to take less than 2-3 minutes tops

after submitting a message to the list, the load average barely 
flinches; it used to be that the MTA(sendmail in this case) would go 
nuts and deliver all the messages to 90% of the list in less than a 
minute.  That was -before- I striped the drives.  FYI, it's a Celeron 
450, 64MB of ram.  Plenty fast enough(it was running about the same 
speed on a 486DX4-100.)

the questions:

a)why isn't it using the builtin SMTP MTA?

b)why is it ignoring the multiple-threads setting(ie, how many 
concurrent delivery processes are launched) in the general admin 
page(currently set to 5.)

I verified that in Defaults.py, the SMTP MTA is not set to sendmail, 
and the default process count is at least 4.  The port is set to 25 
in my mm

I've searched the archives, read all the documentation, and can't 
find anything referring to this problem.  Both 2.0b1 and 2.0b2 
exhibit the same problems.

I have no idea why SMTPPORT is defined by default to be zero in 
Defaults.py, but here's the mm_cfg.py.  Note DELIVERY_MODULE is not 
set to sendmail.

DEFAULT_URL       = 'http://www.DNremoved/mailman'

MAILMAN_OWNER     = 'mailman-owner@%s' % DEFAULT_HOST_NAME

PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL = '/pipermail'
PRIVATE_ARCHIVE_URL = '/mailman/private'


SMTPHOST          = 'localhost'
SMTPPORT          = 25

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