[Mailman-Users] listinfo / admin inconsistency

Edward O'Connor ted at aristotle.bomis.com
Fri Jun 9 01:54:08 CEST 2000


I'm currently setting up Mailman on a machine with several virtual
hosts. The /mailman/listinfo CGI does the Right Thing by only listing
the mailing lists for the domain that the user hit. For instance, if
there are 3 lists under hostname A and 5 under hostname B, and the
user goes to http://B/mailman/listinfo, he or she only sees the 5 B

However, the /mailman/admin CGI does not do this. It blindly lists all
of the mailing lists that Mailman is managing, without regard to the
hostname hit by the user.

Is there some configuration option somewhere to toggle, or will
changin admin to behave like listinfo in this regard involve
gratuitous amounts of Python code smerging?


Edward O'Connor
ted at aristotle.bomis.com

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