[Mailman-Users] users getting delivery error messages

Ryan Fife fife at AnywhereYouGo.com
Fri Jun 9 18:19:56 CEST 2000

I have a list with about 700 people on it and I have a lot of problems with
people going over quota (yahoo, hotmail, etc. accounts) and their mail
bouncing.  Which is annoying for me, but I just disable mail delivery
for the user and go on my merry way.

However, it appears that people who post to the list are also getting the
delivery failure messages - but only occasionally.  I can't find any
consistency except for certain mail domains always bounce to both...I think
I might have just answered my question, but I'll go ahead and see if anyone
can confirm.

Is this a mailman problem or the mail server of the recipient?  It seems
to me that the mail server is sending the delivery problem report to the
sender and the list admin - which means there is really nothing I can do.

sorry for the ramble...when i'm confused, my messages reflect it!


Ryan Fife
fife at AnywhereYouGo.com
"There's only 24 hours in a day and 2.5 of those are wasted sleeping."

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