[Mailman-Users] please help URGENT

Rob Flickenger rob at oreilly.com
Fri Jun 9 21:54:13 CEST 2000

I just posted to jitterbug with this same issue.

We have a list of about 59000 that bombs the same way: approving to a
moderated list from the web interface.

Four other lists (of about 10000 each) all work fine.  The odd thing is it
worked prior to upgrading to 2.0b2 (it was running 1.something...)

So, you're not alone...  In the meantime you could setup 1.x (which worked
as of four days ago on 59k users) or extract the list with bin/list_members
and send it manually... 

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On Fri, 9 Jun 2000, Scott R. Every wrote:

> I have mailman v2.0b2 with postfix as my MTA.
> I have 2 lists, one with 5000 people and one with 20000 people.
> when i approve the post, it just sits there and nothing happens for a long 
> time.  eventually i get an error saying that the server is inaccessible.  I 
> KNOW these lists are setup correctly as a mail to 5 users worked.
> what i don't understand is why mailman dies for big lists.  i have another 
> list of almost 1000 users that works just fine.  the only thing i can think 
> of that's weird with these 2 lists is that there may be a lot of bad email 
> addresses.
> How can I get this working?
> The client absolutely HAS to get these sent out today.
> PLEASE help, anyone...
> thanx
> s
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