[Mailman-Users] ./configure Permission denied

admin at titanic.nyme.hu admin at titanic.nyme.hu
Sat Jun 10 11:47:16 CEST 2000

> Now when I try to
> run ./configure I get a permission denied error. I get the error regardless
> if I'm root, mailman or the username I used to upload the files as.

Sorry for answering your letter so late, I'm just searching for the
solution for my problem on this list too. I guess I was suffering from the
same problem as that of the yours. I think your partition containig the
"/home" directory is mounted with the "-o noexec" option. Check the line
of this partition in "/etc/fstab" and if you find the "noexec" option,
just delete it. To tell the truth I'd prefer another solution instead of
this: move your mailman directory to another partition, on which the
kernel lets you to execute programs. You should put it in
"/usr/local/mailman" for example. To do so, you should also change the
"mailman" user's home directory to the above one: "usermod -m -d
/usr/local/mailman mailman". The argument "-m" is for moving the existing
home directory and it's contents to the new location.

> Also, it says in the installation documentation that I should not run
> the installation as root but how can I write to mailman's directory if
> I'm not root?

The owner group of the mailman directory is "mailman", and the group
memebers must have permission to write that directory. If you add yourself
to the "mailman" group by editing "/etc/group" you will be able to write
the mailman directory. If unsure check "man group". I'm still unsure about
this solution beacause I'm a beginner. I suggest you to ask greater
experts than me. I'm afraid that putting you to the group "mailman" may be
a security hole. Or not?

> TIA for any help.


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