[Mailman-Users] administration in IE 5 for the Mac is difficult

Ted Cabeen secabeen at pobox.com
Mon Jun 12 20:08:54 CEST 2000

In message <p04310109b56985c7f756@[]>, Chuq Von Rospach writes:
>At 1:41 PM -0400 6/11/2000, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>>...because every time you click on Membership, or a new sub-section 
>>of the membership list, you're asked for the list password again, 
>>and it puts you on the first sub-section of the list, not the one 
>>you asked for.
>>I remember there being cookie problems with earlier versions of IE, 
>>and earlier versions of Mailman.  Is this bug STILL around?
>I'm running IE for the Mac 5, and I noticed this a couple of times, 
>but not since upgrading to the most recent CVS versions.

I see this on all platforms.  What happens is that mailman issues a cookie for
the URL you visit, even if you use a shortened version of it. 
ie if you use http://lists/mailman/.../members instead of 
http:// lists.uchicago.edu/mailman/.../members the cookie will have to be
reissued when you use the full URL, and the password prompt screen doesn't
preserve options to the members URL when you're authenticated.

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