[Mailman-Users] ISO-8859-1 chars don't appear correctly on archives

Leonardo Rochael Almeida lra at insite.com.br
Mon Jun 12 23:42:42 CEST 2000

Hi Godoy,

Well, I mentioned the MTA options because I noticed that you can give
different options (such as quoted-printable to 8-bit conversion) to
different transports in a single MTA, and I've seen sendmail converting
from quoted-printable to 8-bit. It may be the case that, for pipe
transports, my sendmail (and your postfix) is not doing this

In any case, you can always use another archiver (such as MHonArc)
with Mailman, which will give you more than just ISO-8859-1 diacriticals.
Some archivers will give you attachment downloads, search and a whole
bunch of other things pipermail don't even dream of. I came to think of
pipermail as a placeholder for a real archiver.

	[]'s Leo

PS: São Paulo today is grey, as most days around this time of the year.
Neither hot nor cold. It certainly doesn't look like winter here either.

BTW, I'm going to Curitiba this weekend (my girlfriend's parents live
there). So I'll probably pay you a visit :-)

	[]'s Leo

On 12 Jun 2000, Jorge Godoy wrote:

> Leonardo Rochael Almeida <lra at insite.com.br> writes:
> > Ol=E1 Godoy,
> > I mean...
> > Olá Godoy :-)
> > 
> > I've noticed the same thing on my lists here. The thing is, someone
> > somewhere should be converting quoted-printable to 8-bit. Pipermail
> > (mailman's builtin archiver) is not very elaborate so I think that
> > expecting it to convert quoted-printable to html quoting (&aacute; and
> > friends) is a little bit too much to ask. Maybe some sendmail (or your
> > mailer) option to convert from quoted-printable to 8-bit should do the
> > trick. I'm still hunting that option down, though...
> Hi Leo, how are you? How's São Paulo? :-) Curitiba is too hot and it
> doesn't seem to be winter here... ;-)
> Anyway, I'm using Postfix and not Sendmail. But I think that although
> I can change my mailer configuration it's Pipermail's job to do that
> conversion. There are lots of broken MTAs around. 
> There's another machine running qmail and ezmlm with MHonArc as it's
> archiver. As you can see here
> http://listas.conectiva.com.br/listas/linux-br/arquivo/2000/06/msg00691.html
> everything works fine and without any special configuration on
> MHonArc. 
> I was expecting it from MailMan.
> Thanks! (And send Simone a kiss! ;-))

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