[Mailman-Users] Re: [Mailman-Developers] password a MUST?!

Mentor Cana mentor at alb-net.com
Thu Jun 15 06:33:30 CEST 2000

On Wed, 14 Jun 2000, at 21:28, Chuq Von Rospach wrote:
> >  What I'm saying is not to eliminate the password option all
> >together, just suggestion that password should not be required if not
> >supplied and mailman generates the password instead.
> Could be done. At this point, I don't think I'd consider it a high 
> priority for 2.0. But it'd be nice to have down the road.

The following patch was posted on this list few days ago. Isn't this doing
the trick?

diff -r1.25 subscribe.py
<         error = 1
<         results = (results +
<                    "You must supply a valid password, and confirm  it.<br>")
>         pw  = Utils.MakeRandomPassword()
>         pwc = pw

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