[Mailman-Users] apply s///g regex to subscriber list?

Jim Hebert jhebert at compu-aid.com
Thu Jun 15 18:23:09 CEST 2000

Maybe this can be done via withlist, or some other equally
straightforward means, but I lack the python skills to figure this out

I want to iterate over each subscriber email address of each list I run on
an internal machine, and apply a search-and-replace (regex style would be
best but I can live with a string-literal search and replace) to the
subscriber address. (I need to change the domain-part of all the
subscriptions of some internal lists, argh...)

Is this a trivial python skeleton that someone would be gracious enough to
help me with? Or at least point me to a FM aimed at documenting Mailman
from the perspective of someone who wants to do light python scripting to
mess with list-data?

Thanks in advance,

Jim Hebert                                       http://www.cosource.com/
jim at cosource.com          The cooperative market for open source software

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