Applying validation scripts to mailman lists (Re: [Mailman-Users] apply s///g regex to subscriber list?)

Jorge Godoy godoy at
Thu Jun 15 18:32:03 CEST 2000

Jim Hebert <jhebert at> writes:

> I want to iterate over each subscriber email address of each list I run on
> an internal machine, and apply a search-and-replace (regex style would be
> best but I can live with a string-literal search and replace) to the
> subscriber address. (I need to change the domain-part of all the
> subscriptions of some internal lists, argh...)

Using your question as the start point, I'd like to know if there's
some way to apply certain validation scripts to mailman lists. 

I mean, we are using ezmlm+idx and we have a script that checks for
offensive words, blank messages, excessive quotes and other stuff like
that and I'd like to benefit from these on my mailman lists. 

Is it possible? This script is a shell script using mainly sed and

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