[Mailman-Users] Header Question

Edward Marczak marczak at usa.net
Thu Jun 15 19:33:38 CEST 2000

I've only been using mailman a few days, but I can say it's a very robust
system.  Not being a python guy, though, I'm having a little trouble with a

Under each "*-Member Option" page, there is a field for, "Header added to
mail sent...".  To start, I'm using mailman for some internal lists, and
would like to put dynamically generated content in a message header.  So,
I'd like to be able to pick up this information from a file, or database

Can anyone point me to the file that would control this?  Or is there some
other method of achieving this?  Thanks!
Ed Marczak
marczak at usa.net

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