[Mailman-Users] Unknown mailer error 1 *sigh*

David Smead smead at amplepower.com
Thu Jun 15 23:07:15 CEST 2000


Error 126 from sendmail is a permission problem.  Error 2 means it can't
open the receiving process, I think.  I believe that error 1 means it
can't find the receiver, but not sure.

In the install instructions, you'll see that the group s bit has to be
set.  I think the kernel enforces the rule about having the directory
where the receiver resides be writable only by the owner of the


David Smead

On Thu, 15 Jun 2000, Derek Simkowiak wrote:

> -> I should have kept better notes, but I'd guess that the no route is the
> -> problem.  
>      David,
> 	How could a route problem result in an "Unknown mailer" error?
> -> Sendmail won't deliver to a setuid program unless the directory where the
> -> process resides is writable only by the owner.  That means no group write
> -> or `other' write priviledges.  Mailman requires that the `s' bit be set
> -> for the group.
> 	This sounds like you are saying Mailman will not work with
> Sendmail.  That simply isn't true :)
> 	What action do you suggest I take?
> 	(More info on the problem to follow in the next email, stay tuned)
> --Derek

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