[Mailman-Users] clobber_date crash

Morris Jones mojo at whiteoaks.com
Fri Jun 16 01:16:10 CEST 2000

Hi folks, nice meeting you all.

On my recent installation (2.0B3) I tried turning on the clobber_date
option for a list and got a crash from Archiver.py:

Jun 13 14:28:19 2000 post(31195): Traceback (innermost last):
post(31195):   File "/home/mailman/Mailman/Archiver/Archiver.py", line 204, in A
post(31195):     self.__archive_to_mbox(msg)
post(31195):   File "/home/mailman/Mailman/Archiver/Archiver.py", line 160, in _
post(31195):     post.SetHeader('Date', time.ctime(time.time()))
post(31195): AttributeError: SetHeader

I found a patch posted by a member here and applied it to Archiver.py,
as follows:

mailman at notrump Archiver]$ diff Archiver.py Archiver.py.orig
<             post['Date'] = time.ctime(time.time())
>             post.SetHeader('Date', time.ctime(time.time()))
<             post['Date'] = olddate
>             post.SetHeader('Date', olddate)

Now this solved the crash, but I don't see any effectiveness of the
feature.  I tested with a machine that was a little off time, but
didn't see a rewritten date, or corrected archiving order.  Did I
miss something simple?

Chuqui, nice to see you again, since the days of ihnp4 and ptsfa
and net.doggerel.  :)

Morris Jones         <*>
San Rafael, CA
mojo at whiteoaks.com

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