[Mailman-Users] New user comments

Derek Simkowiak dereks at kd-dev.com
Fri Jun 16 02:19:19 CEST 2000

-> > Speaking as an Exim user, no thanks. I'm quite happy with the way you
-> > don't have to touch /etc/aliases at all. :-) 
-> Actually, as a sendmail user, you don't have to touch /etc/aliases either.

	Can you describe how to do this?  It would be nice if I didn't
have to edit an aliases file for each new list... (Or are you simply
referring to the fact that you can use an aliases file that has a name
other than /etc/aliases?)

-> I personally use all, sendmail, qmail, exim, and postfix. - each has it's
-> merits, and each has it's bad points.

	No no no...  Sendmail is superior in every way.  Don't you know
that?  And I suppose you use Emacs instead of vi, too?  I'd even wager
that you use KDE instead of Gnome!

	As long as you're using Linux and not FreeBSD, though, your okay.
Just refer to is as "Open Source", not that communist "Free Software". And
whatever you do, make sure you're using Perl (not Python), and Bash (not
Csh), and PPTP (not IPSec), on an AMD (not Intel) with a 3Df/x video card
(not NVidia).   Yup.

	(What's really funny are the sub-superiority complexes within
superiority complexes; i.e., Linux users fight over what distro is best,
Beowulf users fight over what MPI is best, etc.)  I really love the net :)


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