[Mailman-Users] New user comments

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at west.sun.com
Fri Jun 16 02:45:44 CEST 2000

> -> newlist | tee filename
> 	Problem with that is that I need to manually cut out all the other
> informational prompts and crap you get when you run newlist.
> 	Granted, that's not *really* a problem, I'm just saying it would
> be really convenient to be able to do 
> $ newlist listname ; cat /tmp/listname.aliases >> /etc/aliases ; newaliases
> 	(especially if I want to create an automated CGI program or
> something that didn't have the brains to "cut out" all the informational
> prompt/etc., and I didn't want to make it smart enough to generate the
> aliases manually)

Aw, come on:

OWNER=dmick at west.sun.com

~mailman/bin/newlist $LIST $OWNER $PASSWORD immediate | tee /tmp/out
sed '1,/^$/d' </tmp/out >/tmp/listname.aliases
rm /tmp/out

This is Unix, baby...don't build capabilities into a tool, build
new tools from the components.

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