[Mailman-Users] New user comments

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at west.sun.com
Fri Jun 16 03:14:18 CEST 2000

> 	Here's the real issue.  I didn't think anyone would object to such
> an option (because it's so minor --and convenient--), and I thought that
> most other people would appreciate having such an option (for the same
> reasons that I would appreciate having such an option).

Had you not harped on it, about 7 or 8 messages as I recall, and
made it clear that your life was incomplete without such functionality,
I would not have proposed that it was easy to add it.  The functionality
is a very small addition that I, and many others, simply don't
need in the slightest.  I am *never* without something that can
cut and paste.  So I don't think "most other people would appreciate"
such an option; I think it's baggage.

But the point is not who's right; the point is that we disagree.
Thus custom solutions make sense.

Moreover, you can have this *today*, so you can stop typing messages
to mailman-users asking for it, and simply use it, rather than
waiting for it to pop up as the currently-highest-priority item
on the developers' list (there are a *lot* of other higher-priority
bugs around).

Finally, if you're so hot to get it and insist on it being in newlist,
you can always feel free to add it yourself to newlist.

> 	Incidentally, given that this particular option would not cause
> code bloat 

How do you figure that?  It is indeed new code, no?

> (or otherwise affect you), but could make life seriously easier
> for many people --which was the point of my last message-- , I don't see
> why anyone would object.

1) I contend that few people need it at all
2) adding new options to commands is to be avoided, in general
3) the functionality is easily duplicated

> 	Is it really all that painful to avoid typing "-a" (or whatever)
> at the command prompt?

No.  Now look at the number of options 'find' has, or 'ls', and tell
me "just adding a new option to a command shouldn't be met with

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