[Mailman-Users] New user comments

Derek Simkowiak dereks at kd-dev.com
Fri Jun 16 03:29:17 CEST 2000

-> Had you not harped on it, about 7 or 8 messages as I recall,

	If I was harping, I apologize.  Most of the messages I posted were
to contest the idea of having a new option to write directly to
/etc/aliases, which I consider a very bad idea.

-> made it clear that your life was incomplete without such functionality,

	Heh, I'm glad that's clear :)

-> waiting for it to pop up as the currently-highest-priority item
-> on the developers' list (there are a *lot* of other higher-priority
-> bugs around).

	No, I think it's imperitive that all other work be stopped to take
care of this feature.  Everything else is secondary to this all-important
goal.  In fact, we should start another mail list to focus explicitly on
this one feature, so that my life can be complete.

	(I consider this feature useful but absolutely the lowest priority
item around)

-> Finally, if you're so hot to get it and insist on it being in newlist,
-> you can always feel free to add it yourself to newlist.

	If I did that (--and the only reason I haven't yet is because I've
never touched Python, or MailMan, before--) would the maintainers accept
the patch?  I'd be happy to do it.

-> > code bloat 
-> How do you figure that?  It is indeed new code, no?

	I didn't realise that *all* new code is "bloat".  I always thought
bloat was code that makes a program slower, with more resource consumption
and maintenance headache, for a purpose which does not warrant it.

	Since the code would not cause a noticable change in execution
time, and the feature (I believe) would be useful to many people, it's not
bloat.  At least, that was my assumption...

-> 1) I contend that few people need it at all

	I disagree :).
-> 2) adding new options to commands is to be avoided, in general

	Assuming the options are useful: I disagree :)
-> 3) the functionality is easily duplicated

	It's not.  That was the point of my message about a custom script
having to parse input, error check, and be kept with you.

-> > 	Is it really all that painful to avoid typing "-a" (or whatever)
-> > at the command prompt?
-> No.  Now look at the number of options 'find' has, or 'ls', and tell
-> me "just adding a new option to a command shouldn't be met with
-> objection."

	It causes me no pain or inconvenience to avoid using those
options.  But when I need them, they're there.


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