[Mailman-Users] Re: Applying validation scripts to mailman lists (Re: [Mailman-Users] apply s///g regex to subscriber list?)

Jim Hebert jhebert at compu-aid.com
Fri Jun 16 15:01:55 CEST 2000

I'd port your script to be a procmail recipie, then change your aliases (
ok, that's a sendmail term, whatever it is for you) stuff to mail into
procmail invoking this recipie rather than mailman-wrapper. The recipie
would use procmail's ability to do things like regex-test mail headers and
body, and optionally subject the mail to sed-based scrubbing before
ultimately piping it to mailman-wrapper.

But procmail certainly isn't a requisite. A shell script which stuck the
message in a safe temp file (e.g. mktemp(1)-created), poked it and prodded
it, and then ultimately if it decided to allow the message or some
modified version of it through, ran mailman-wrapper whatever < $TMPFILE,
would work fine too.

So, yes, to the extent that you can place an arbitrary program in your
aliases file that mail gets piped to, and that program can do arbitrary
things like altering the mail or refusing to send it on to mailman at all,
yes you can run scripts that do whatever you like with in
conjunction mailman.

[If I'm overlooking some sort of 'gotcha' to what I'm describing I hope
someone will point it out.]



On 15 Jun 2000, Jorge Godoy wrote:

> I mean, we are using ezmlm+idx and we have a script that checks for
> offensive words, blank messages, excessive quotes and other stuff like
> that and I'd like to benefit from these on my mailman lists. 
> Is it possible? This script is a shell script using mainly sed and
> regexps. 

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Question 1:
Is there a way for users to select the "not metoo" option when they
subscribe ?

Question 2:
Is there a way to copy a mailing list configuration to a new one but not
the user list ?

Paul Faure			    paul at engsoc.carleton.ca

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