[Mailman-Users] Hi folks I am new

Morrow, Thomas MorrowTh at missouri.edu
Sat Jun 17 02:05:14 CEST 2000

I have a site called www.northmosportsmen.com .  I have it hosted by
Burst.net.  They have Mail man as a list serve.  I chose to load it and set
it up.  I am still testing it and have not had a successful test yet.
Currently I have two subscribers me and my self.  When I send a test to the
list it comes back "waiting for admin approval" or undeliverable.  I have
changed settings around and I get nothing more out of this list.  I am the
admin so I go in and try to approve a test and it never goes out to the list
or the sender.  

My intent is to make this a general special interest discussion list where
any member shoots out a question, everyone gets it and replies if they want
to and everyone gets the replies.

I am starting to believe my host has it set up wrong on the server but I
have no control of that I know of.

Lost in the woods


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