[Mailman-Users] "aliases" for subscriber addresses?

David Smead smead at amplepower.com
Sat Jun 17 19:55:11 CEST 2000


One way to handle the two address problem is to enter the second address
into the list of people allowed to post to the list as `non-members'.
That same method my be appropriate for the other problem of alternate
email addresses.


David Smead

On Fri, 16 Jun 2000, Eric D. Christensen wrote:

> > Aren't you asking mailman to fix a problem that is in the clients network?
> >
> > Why not get their sys admin to fix the problem with how people address
> > look on the outside?
> Yes, agreed it's really the user's problem... but we're dealing with the
> "real" world here. Lots of gateway products... particularly older Mac,
> Novell and various Mainframe gateways really munge up email addresses for no
> apparent reason. As a system administrator it irritates the living crap out
> of me. But go try to convince a bunch of old school mainframe admins at
> someplace like General Motors or Bank of America that their PROFS gateway is
> broken. I'd get more satisfaction by hitting myself over the head with a 2x4
> for a couple hours.
> The other reason for having subscriber aliasing support (maybe better called
> "alternate addresses") is the more common problem of a user having 2
> addresses... say home and work. They'd like to be able to post from more
> than one account, but that means that I inevitably end up doing the approval
> from one or the other.
> Some other list managers that I've worked with over the years have had this
> capability, and I've found it to be a handy feature.
> I suppose that I could make a mod to mailman to handle this, but I'm not a
> python guru and I really don't have much time to go explore the existing
> code to figure out what I need to modify. Not o mention that if I'm going to
> hack on the code, I want to do it "right" so I can contribute it back to the
> project. I could always rewrite addresses with a ruleset in sendmail or a
> procmail filter on the incoming queue, but that's hardly the "right" way to
> handle it. Perhaps next month when one of my contracts ends I'll be able to
> squeak in a few hours some afternoon to come up with a good solution.
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